Try our Patcards Pilot Program

In preparation of our Official Patcards Launch for the public we are looking for models to join our Patcards Pilot.  When you join the Patcards Pilot you will get compensated.

Enrolling in the Patcards Pilot

  • Enroll through webcam
    • When you enroll through webcam, Patcards will go through the setup proces by video call.
  • Enroll in the studio in a promotional video
    • When you enroll in the studio you will receive an additional briefing. The video will also serve as a promotional tool for your Instagram and Patcard.


  • You have to be 18 years or older
  • You must have an Instagram Account
  • You are interested in using the Patcards Linkpage

Pilot Program

  • You will be the first to use the Patcards Linkpage
  • Our team will setup your Patcard NFT
  • Our Team will market your Instagram Images in order to sell NFT on opensea
  • Your Patcard linkpage will be promoted in Patboy Card Game


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