Setting Up your Patcard from an Invitation

The Patcard Invitation

Patcard Link Pages can only be created with an Invitation from a Player which plays Patboy Card Game. Once you have received such an Patcard Link Page Invitation for your Instagram account only you can use this invitation. Start with Registering your Patcard and create your Patcard Account.

The Patcard Invitation

When registering your Patcard Account you will be asked to choose your name for the Patcard. In order to setup the account you have to provide a working email address in order to verify your account.

Activating Your Patcard

Once you have created your Account you will be asked to activate your Patcard with your Instagram Account. Once you have activated the Patcard with your Instagram Account, the Patcard linkpage will be connected to your Instagram and you will able to use it.

Activating Your Patcard

Once you have activated your Patcard it will display the details we received from your Instagram Account. These details will be shared in Patboy Card Game for Players to play with your Patcard Link Page.

Now you can explore your Patcard and start:

  • Adding your personal links
  • Enable NFT Manages NFT service allowing us to auction your Instagram Pictures.
  • Choose a Theme you like for your Patcard Linkpage!
  • Share your linkpage with your audience!

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