All your Links at One Place

Your Linkpage being traded in Patboy Card Game to grow your Audience

Automatically auction your Instagram Pictures as NFT on Opensea

Use it anywhere

Take your Patcard wherever your audience is, to help them discover all your important content.

  • Your unique pat.card/username
  • Your linkpage being traded and collected for real cash
  • Choose from exclusive Patcard themes
  • Patcard Visitor and Profit Statistics

Link to everywhere

Patcard is the ultimate launchpad and unique collector’s Items to your latest video, store, art, website, social post, collecting donations – everywhere you are online.

  • Share your personal links
  • Sell your Products or Art
  • Collect Donations

Choose from Amazing Themes

Patcards offers new and amazing themes and regurarly creates new ones for you to pick from. We also provide a free managed services to customize your theme according to your personality or branding, with additional features like selling products or advanced in game features. 

  • Select from Unique and amazing themes that fit your style.
  • Use our Custom Managed Service in order to custom develop and enhance your theme and Grow in order to grow Audience even Further

Players Trading Your Patcard

Your Patcard will earn you profits because it’s a collector Item in the Card Game Patboy.
Players will be Trading and Collecting it to have something that is close to you.

  • Earn profits each time your time your Patcard gets traded
  • Your Patcard grows in value each time your it get’s traded.
  • Players can subscribe to your Patcard, having your linkpage close.

Auction your Instagram Pictures as NFT

With the managed NFT Auction service from Patcards, your best Instagram Pictures will be modified and placed for auction by our team in order grow the value of your Patcard and earn your profits.

  • You can turn the NFT service on or off whenever you want.
  • You will have an overview of earnings from NFT sales
  • Everything is automated and free of charge.
  • Easily withdraw your profits in US dollars from anywhere in the world.